COMPLETE SYSTEM INCAS Ø9 (95/180 CM) *discs are not included

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BRAKING presents the evolution of its high-end INCAS braking system with the introduction of version 2.0.
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: KS2001
Always MADE IN ITALY, always designed for E-Bike - DH - Enduro - Cross Country, but with several new features.
Features and improvements of version 2.0:
- Completely renewed materials and workmanship: pump body and caliper machined from billet and CNC machined with high quality finishes.
- Weight reduced by about 90 g compared to the previous version.
- New Kevlar and braided steel tubes: tube diameter reduced to 5 mm to allow a better internal passage and save weight, while maintaining the optimum braking power that characterizes the INCAS system.
-New pads with larger braking surface, to allow better grip between the disc and pad and better heat dissipation . Increased caliper stiffness and braking power.
- Completely renewed caliper aesthetics . Optimization of brake hose routing and pad change operation .
Characteristics unchanged compared to the previous version:
- Hydraulic ratio qualitatively better than systems currently on the market.
- Possibility to customize the system using different master cylinder diameters, choosing between 9 or 10 mm in order to modify the braking power and adapt the system to the rider's sensations and the type of track.
-Easy replacement of the pump cartridges to quickly change the configuration and operating pressures of the system.
- Compared to a normal braking system, INCAS has higher operating pressures for the same amount of force applied to the lever. In fact, the higher pressure within the system allows for greater braking force, while making braking modulatable at will, with millimetric displacement of the lever. The right compromise to have the braking sensitivity simply in the rider's finger, reducing the muscular effort of the hands and arms.

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